Men in Nursing

Men in Nursing

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Men in Nursing

General Statistics (

  • 9% of all nurses are men. 91% are women
  • The above numbers break into 330,000 and 3.2 million
  • In 2013, male registered nurses earned an average of $1,236 per week, while women earned $1,086 (
  • Male nursing assistants earned $499 a week, compared to $450 in women (same as above)
  • In total, female nurses make $.91 to the $1 compared to male nurses

Employment Breakdown for Male Nurses (

Male Nurse Anesthetists ***VERY INTERESTING*** (

  • Even though only 1% of male nurses are nurse anesthetists, 41% of all nurse anesthetists are male. That is partly why male nurses as a whole make more than female nurses.
  • Male nurse anesthetists earn an average of $162,900 a year

Distribution of Men in Nursing (

  • LVN: 8% of LVNs are male. They earn an average of $40,200 a year
  • RN: 9%, $61,900 a year
  • Nurse Practitioner: 9%, $96,400 a year
  • Nurse Anesthetist: 41%, $162,900 a year

Increase in Male Nurses (

Male Nurse Satisfaction (

  • 84% of male nurses are “satisfied” with their choice of nursing as a profession
  • 90% of women meet the above statistic
  • As a result of those statistics, men are more likely to leave their job as a nurse than women are

Male Nurses in an Urban World (

  • 9.4% of RNs working in urban areas are male
  • 7.8% of RNs working in rural areas are male
  • 8.5% of LPNs working in urban areas are male
  • 4.8% of LPNs working in rural areas are male

Male Nurse Work Environment (

  • 12% of male nurses work 50 hours or more per week, compared to 6% of female nurses

General Nursing Statistics