Top 30 Nursing Blogs

top 30 nursing blogs
Nursing blogs offer a unique insight into the world of nursing. The men and women who run these blogs share their day to day experiences with patients and aspiring nurses alike who want to know more about this high-demand profession. From helpful how-to’s to interesting anecdotes, these blogs offer hours of entertainment for readers across the country. Get your RSS readers ready for the top 30 nursing blogs of 2017.

1. The Nursing Site Blog

The Nursing Site Blog made it to the top of our list because of its frequently updated content and truly intriguing articles. The blog is run by Kathy Quan, a public health nurse and registered nurse who has been in the nursing industry for over 30 years. Kathy has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and she has spent most of her career working in hospice and home health care. Kathy is a published author and accomplished RN who enjoys helping other people succeed in this profession. Her passion for nursing is imminent in every word she puts into her posts.

Some of our favorite posts on The Nursing Site Blog include:

2. Scrubs Mag

Scrubs Mag calls itself “The Nurses Guide to Good Living.” It provides a wide range of helpful articles for current and potential nurses, from career advice to style secrets and beyond. This blog lacks the personal touch that most of the other blogs on our list have, but the sheer volume of information it has to offer landed it at the top of our rankings. No matter where you are in your nursing career, you can learn something from Scrubs Mag.

Here are a few of our favorite posts from this site:

3. The Nerdy Nurse

The Nerdy Nurse is a fantastic blog authored by Brittney Wilson. Brittney is an RN with a BSN who works as a Clinical Informatics Nurse in Atlanta, GA. She enjoys using technology to its full potential, and she tells others in this profession how to use tech tools to make their jobs a little easier. Her book The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology is a fantastic IT resource for members of the nursing community. She shares many of the helpful tidbits from the book in her blog.

Some of Brittney’s best posts to date include:

4. Confident Voices in Health Care

Confident Voices is authored by Beth Boynton, a nurse consultant and author who specializes in communication and collaboration. Beth’s blog is rather unique because it provides healthcare information for patients and professionals alike. In her posts, Beth talks about her medical improv workshops, which help healthcare workers become better speakers and listeners in their day to day lives. Confident Voices also features articles from many acclaimed guest bloggers who share even more interesting information to read.

Some great posts to look into from Confident Voices include:

5. Digital Doorway

Want a blog written from the perspective of a male nurse? If so, then you have to check out Digital Doorway. This blog is written by Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC, better known as “Nurse Keith.” Keith is a Board Certified Nurse Coach who aims to “help nurses and health care professionals create vibrant, healthy and satisfying personal and professional lives.” He is a member of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches, and he’s the founder of RNFM Radio. You can learn more about Keith at

Here are some of Nurse Keith’s most memorable posts:

6. Nursing School Ins and Outs

Nursing School Ins and Outs is a wonderful blog that shares one woman’s struggle as she goes through nursing school. The title of the blog is “Did I REALLY Sign Up for This?” which perfectly illustrates the struggles most nursing students go through on a daily basis. The author, Candi, is a wife and mother who somehow managed to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing while raising two great kids. Candi just graduated from school in June, and she shares her entire journey on her blog.

Here are some posts to get you up to speed on Candi’s blog:

7. Dear Nurses

Dear Nurses is a blog that is connected to several other “Dear Nurses” sites. These sites all keep the same basic idea in mind: educating nurses through visual illustrations. By combining beautiful images with helpful information, this blog is able to teach up and coming nurses about this career in a unique way. The blog has been active since 2006, and it contains links to information across the Dear Nurses platform.

Some of our favorite posts on this blog include:

8. The Makings of a Nurse

The Makings of a Nurse is an all-inclusive blog that goes over what life is like as a nursing student and working nurse in the modern world. The blog features countless articles about living, working, and going to school as a nurse, providing insight that goes well beyond what you’d find in textbooks. The blog is run by “Nurse Teeny,” but she does not include a lot of information about herself on her blog. She sticks to the facts, and sometimes, that’s really all you want to know.

Here are some of the best articles we’ve read on The Makings of a Nurse:

9. Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose

Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose is a blog captained by nurse practitioner Barb Dehn. Nurse Barb has made many TV appearances since she started her career, and she is now considered one of the leading NPs in America. Most notably, Barb has been seen several times on The Doctors. She is an accomplished author who has written several books about women’s health, and now she shares her knowledge with others through her blog about how to become a nurse practitioner.

Here are just a few “daily doses” from Nurse Barb:

10. Nurse Practitioners in Business

Nurse Practitioners in Business offers tips and information for nurse practitioners who have their own practices. Barbara C. Phillips is in charge of the blog. She started it because she saw a need for NP entrepreneurs online. Barbara is a licensed and practicing nurse practitioner who became a Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners in 2013. She works as a life and career coach for others in the profession. Barbara frequently has guest bloggers on her site who write informative pieces on life as a nurse practitioner.

Here are some great posts on the Nurse Practitioners in Business blog:

11. Nurse Gail

Nurse Gail is a blog run by Gail Ingram, a practicing registered nurse set out to promote healthy living habits and wellness. She believes that “understanding more about the system can help consumers better advocate for themselves and loved ones in a hospital setting.” Nurse Gail’s articles are rather fascinating to read because they provide extensively researched information in line with personal anecdotes. Gail manages to paint a vivid picture of the good and bad sides of nursing so readers can fully understand what this career entails. It’s a must read for any nursing student or intrigued consumer.

Some of Nurse Gail’s most noteworthy posts include:

12. The Days When I’m Not a Nurse

The Days When I’m Not a Nurse is a blog dedicated to the other side of a nurse’s career: her personal life. The blog is run by a woman named Anna who discusses all of her off-the-clock adventures as a wife in Idaho. Anna’s husband Mo also posts on the website, and together they provide a unique look into the aftermath of a nursing career. Anna also provides reviews and tidbits about scrubs, shoes, and other nursing-related products so readers know what to buy when the time comes.

Check out some of Anna’s most recent posts:

13. Ask the Nurse Practitioner

Ask the Nurse Practitioner offers “real and practical health information for you and your family.” Rather than going over “a day in the life of a nurse” or something else along those lines, the blog posts here are written with patients in mind. Laura, the voice behind the blog, is a family nurse practitioner in New York. She strives to answer in-depth health questions that don’t have a lot of info about them on the web. Laura is experienced in pediatric and adult emergency medicine, general medicine, family practice, and neonatal ICU, and she touches on all of these areas in her blog.

Check out some great blog posts from Ask the Nurse Practitioner:

14. The National Nurse for Public Health

Nurses recognize that the American healthcare system remains in crisis as evidenced by soaring costs and rising epidemics of preventable diseases. Many are calling for change to mobilize nurses in a nationwide effort. They propose that leadership provided by a National Nurse for Public Health would strengthen efforts by nurses in every community to help focus the nation on health promotion and disease prevention.

Here are some articles that explain more about National Nurse and the cause it stands for:

15. DiabeteSteps Rx

DiabeteSteps Rx offers detailed information about diabetes care and prevention. This is a great blog to read if you plan to work with diabetic children and adults in your nursing career. The blog is run by family nurse practitioner Cheryl Winter, who has both a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nutrition. Cheryl has written several books about diabetes care, and she offers plenty of great information on her blog.

Some interesting posts from DiabeteSteps Rx include:

16. Mimi Secor

Mimi Secor is a nurse practitioner, public speaker, and healthcare consultant who runs a blog under her own name. The main focus of her blog is women’s health, but she provides a variety of health and career tips for clinicians and consumers. Mimi has worked in nursing for more than 36 years now, and she has spoken to nurses all around the world. When she is not writing helpful tips online, she is hosting radio show on Reach MD called “Partners in Practice.” On her show, Mimi interviews nurse practitioners about what they are doing to improve the world of nursing.

Here are some great posts from Mimi’s blog:

17. Your Career Nursing

Your Career Nursing is a blog written by nurses for nurses. It explains the skills and processes necessary to be successful in this career. The blog is broken into several categories: Education, For Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle, Networking, Nursing Success Stories, Online Learning, Reviews, and Unique Nursing Jobs. As you can see, this covers a plethora of topics for nurses at all levels of the profession. Whether you’ve been a nurse for 20 years or you just passed your NCLEX, you can benefit from the information on this blog.

Here are some of the top posts on Your Career Nursing:

18. Seasons Wellness

Seasons Wellness is a great blog for just about anyone to read because it covers such a wide range of topics. The blog is associated with a health and wellness center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Seasons Wellness may have made it higher on our list if all of its articles were focused on or written by nurses. No matter where it stands in the rankings though, this blog is a great read for anyone in the healthcare community.

Some of the best posts on this blog are:

19. The NP Mom

The NP Mom is a blog run by a nurse practitioner, wife, and mother who sets out to answer the questions “you always forget to ask.” Her blog offers a variety of advice related to health and nursing, and she frequently has guests on to contribute even more valuable information to the mix. This is one of the more active blogs on our top 30 nursing blogs list, giving you a chance to read something new every time you sign on. The blog has been active since 2011, and since then it has amassed a large following of readers in and out of the healthcare industry.

Some of the best posts on The NP Mom include:

20. This Nursing Journey

This Nursing Journey tells the story of a 25 year old woman pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Amber Kay, the blogger, currently works as a patient care technician and Can in Dallas, Texas. What makes this blog so much fun to read is the fact that Amber is not afraid to show off her personality in her posts. You may soon find yourself fascinated by where she goes in life.

Some posts you might enjoy from This Nursing Journey include:

21. ER Nursing Insanity: The Traveling Years

ER Nursing Insanity is a blog run by “Hood Nurse,” an emergency room nurse who is currently traveling throughout the country. We love this blog because it doesn’t sugar-coat the work of an ER nurse. The blogger makes you see just how tough this profession is and just how many rewards can come from your efforts. You don’t have to be an ER nurse to enjoy reading about the many adventures Hood Nurse has on the road. Any nurse can benefit from the insight here.

Some of the most recent reads on this blog include:

22. Head Nurse

Head Nurse is an eclectic nursing blog that talks about almost every element of the career imaginable. While not much is known about the blogger behind the posts, it is easy to see what kind of personality she has in real life. The posts on Head Nurse are funny, intriguing, informative, and exciting all at the same time. The blog has been active since 2004 and is still going strong, giving you plenty of material to read now and in the future.

Check out some of these posts from Head Nurse:

23. Nursetopia

Nursetopia is a blog about nurses and their influence on the modern world. The blog covers nursing and business as a whole, but there is a particularly interesting category of posts under “Confessions of a Nurse” that go over the blogger’s personal struggles in this profession. Nursetopia features a number of freebies and giveaways for nursing, which means you might actually get something in return for reading it – beyond the vast array of knowledge you’ll already be gaining.

If you want to see what Nursetopia is all about, check out these posts and more:

24. Nursing from Within

Nursing from Within is a great blog run by Elizabeth Scala, RN, MSN/MBA. Elizabeth is a public speaker who works with hospitals, nursing associations, and more to “help transform the field of nursing from the inside out.” She uses her blog to point out changes that need to be made in the nursing world and provide solutions for those necessary changes. Elizabeth’s blog contains a number of resources for nursing students and working nurses, which could help you improve your career in the future.

Here are some wonderful posts from Elizabeth Scala:”

25. RTConnections Nurse Blog

RTConnections Nurse Blog aims to “education, connect, and inspire current and future nurses.” This is a great blog to read no matter where you are in your career because there is always something new for you to learn. Read stories from other nurses just like you or discover new skills to make you a better nurse overall. The blog covers some tough in-depth topics like nurse bullying and sickness in the workplace, which you might not find a lot of info about elsewhere.

Check out some of these great posts on RTConnections Nurse Blog:

26. NP Odyssey

NP Odyssey provides a variety of information about the Nurse Practitioner career. In addition to NP related posts, the blog has articles ranging from politics to marriage, creating a great read no matter what you’re in the mood for. Perhaps the best feature of this blog altogether is the up to date news stories that it posts periodically, showing NPs across the country the changes that may be coming to their careers. If you are thinking about working as an advanced practice nurse in the future, this is a great blog to subscribe to.

Some great posts from NP Odyssey are:

27. Rehab RN

Rehab RN is a blog run by a rehabilitation nurse with a great sense of humor. On her profile, she describes herself as follows: “RN living down on the farm with Dahey, Bubba, WildDog and other wild animals, working at the Hotel Rehab to pay the bills and get material for this blog and for my standup comedy routine.” Rehab RN is full of funny stories about nursing that have hidden lessons scattered throughout them. It’s a good read on days when you feel down and need a good pick-me-up from a fellow nurse.

Here are some must-read posts from Rehab RN:

28. At Your Cervix

At Your Cervix is a delightful blog written from the perspective of a newly certified nurse midwife. She has been blogging since 2006, but much of her work was related to photography, not nursing. Nevertheless, she still has plenty of insightful, thought-provoking articles to browse through if you want to get a true sense of what life is like as a nurse midwife. It’s a refreshing take on the reality of nursing, and it is certainly worth reading if you plan on being a CNM.

Here are some of our favorite posts from At Your Cervix:

29. EDNurseasauras, Still in the Trenches

EDNurseasauras is a blog about life as an ER nurse. The blog is told from the perspective of Regina, an RN who completed her BSN 34 years after getting her diploma. She has worked as an ER nurse for 38 years now, and she uses her blog to share stories about all of the craziness she encounters at work. She says she works as “one of the world’s oldest nurses still working at the bedside when most of my peers have moved onto management, teaching, and bartending.” You can see her sense of humor in every post she puts out.

Check out some of these great posts from Regina’s blog:

30. Nurse Practitioner Bootcamp

Nurse Practitioner Bootcamp is a pretty new blog compared to the others on our top 30 nursing blogs list, but we felt it deserved recognition. The blog conveys the journey that one nurse practitioner student in the Midwest is taking to becoming an NP. The blogger attends a family nurse practitioner program online while working as a full time ER nurse. She has a countdown at the top of the blog that shows when she is supposed to graduate, which gives you a full perspective of where she is in her education at all times. Start reading now and you can see her whole journey from start to finish.

Some noteworthy posts from Nurse Practitioner Bootcamp include:

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